August 31, 2016


“I should probably start with an introduction.” This was one of the many thoughts in my head as I prepared to write my first blog.  After a lot of time I decided, “Stop thinking and start writing!”  Then it hit me, I have been procrastinating writing my blog!  I figured “There’s bound to be someone who can relate to my procrastination out there in cyberspace.” 


There are three reasons for my procrastination that stand out:

  1. Deciding what to write on the first blog; an introduction seems appropriate but I also have many ideas and it is difficult to choose one to focus on.

  2. Experiencing ambivalence regarding cultural messages.  On one hand, search engine optimization experts recommend that blogging is “a must” to achieve a strong “on line presence;” on the other hand, is the unrelenting echo of a persistent message to not call attention to myself. 

  3. Wanting to offer something helpful and of substance to the readers.


These reasons are very telling about who I am as a person.  I am creative but my creativity can run wild and interfere with my need to be structured, which was screaming at its loudest to write an introduction.  I am a cultural being; I am a bilingual licensed Latina psychologist who was raised with a strong cultural message to be humble and not call attention to myself.  Most importantly, I want to help others. 


This blog post “writer’s block” illustrates that what may initially appear to be a conflict can actually be resolved when we allow ourselves to just be; so by being honest and sharing the origins of my procrastination I am actually addressing the procrastination itself and introducing myself!  By risking “calling attention to myself” I am also potentially reaching someone who can relate and benefit from me sharing about these experiences.


So to continue with my introduction, I chose the blog name the “peculiar psychologist” because I am a peculiar woman who is trained as a psychologist.  I am peculiar because I embrace my quirks: I am structured and organized yet flexible and adaptable, I am strong yet gentle, and I am simple yet complex.  As a psychologist, I utilize an interpersonal and emotion focused approach with a multicultural perspective; meaning I take into account my clients’ thoughts, feelings, reactions, and diverse identities to explore how it affects their relationships and life experiences.  I ascribe to three core values: encourage, empower, and educate to guide my work as a psychologist.  I believe that people can grow by being encouraged to step out of their comfort zones when provided with hope, empathy, and support.  I think people can empower themselves by examining and embracing their strengths and areas of growth in order to fulfill their potential.  I also believe that by educating ourselves we can increase our insight and self-awareness in order to identify patterns conducive to optimal well-being. 


And having shared all of this, nice to meet you and welcome to “The Peculiar Psychologist” a blog about mental health, well-being, life, empowerment, encouragement, and education.  Please stay tuned for future blogs to help you address procrastination, manage stress, optimize your study skills, improve your well-being, adjust to life changes, engage in introspection, increase your self-esteem, enhance your communication, enrich your relationships and more.

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