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Encourage, Empower, Educate



“It’s not like we’re getting married.”  “I’m not happy but at least is not an abusive relationship.” “It’s not that bad.”  Couples can be ambivalent about therapy; one partner may feel pressured into therapy as an ultimatum for the relationship to continue or partners can have different experiences of the relationship.  Couples counseling is not limited to premarital counseling and it is not exclusively for married people; couples counseling can assist each partner in examining what they need and want in a partner and in a relationship. 


Common reasons couples seek counseling include: 

  • improving intimacy

  • improving communication

  • enhancing their emotional bond

  • managing finances

  • managing a household

  • life-work balance

  • sexuality

  • parenting and co-parenting

  • infidelity

  • role expectations 

  • transitioning from erotic to companionate love



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